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Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans (PITT)

Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans

They publish stories written and edited exclusively by parents with first-hand experience of the upside-down world of gender ideology.

Hormone Hangover

Hormone Hangover

This blog is from a woman who talks about her personal de/transition experiences. After a double mastectomy and hormones, she realised how terribly wrong this was.

Prude Posting

Prude Posting

Helena is a detransitioned woman in her twenties. She reflects on the gender identity and social justice movements – issues that affect young people in general – as one who was once a staunch supporter of both. She is critical of mental health care and the medical industry. But above all, her contributions to parents on how to deal with their trans-identifying child are enlightening.

Gender Clinic News

Gender Clinic News

Bernard Lane, a Sydney-based journalist covering the international debate about gender clinics.

Why has there been a dramatic spike in often troubled children and teenagers declaring a transgender identity and seeking puberty blocker drugs, synthetic hormones and surgery?

A growing number of people all around the world are asking this question. It raises issues fundamental to a healthy society, yet most mainstream media has missed the story or worse, engaged in uncritical promotion of medicalised gender change.

Gender Clinic News

TullipR – Detrans Man


TullipR knows how to convey his experience brilliantly. The stories are genuine and can be a guide for many.

Denton Yoga-Carter

Denton Yoga-Carter

What would any parent do? Any parent of either sex? Your child tells you they’re “trans” then runs away, leaving you to “educate yourself”. Then they estrange you, adopt a different family, cut all ties and accuse you of all sorts while you’re still reeling, grieving, in trauma. They re-write their own history, reframe their own happy youth as “harmful”, and create an “identity” of oppression.

This is a fathers perspective on a cult that has taken our much-loved daughter. It starts with an account of how it all happened and how the cult works.

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REDUXX - Feminist News and Opinion
Comité bezorgde ouders en grootouders
Speak Up For Women
Standing for Women
Respect Youth & Love
Parents As First Educators
Fair Play For Women
Woman's Place UK
TRADFEM - Collective de traduction de textes féministes radicaux
The Countess