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sex and gender - nurses and midwives
Fair in Medicine
Sexology Today
Biological Integrity
American College of Pediatricians


Therapy First
Critical Therapy Antidote
Helping Survivors

Educational and academic organizations

Safe School Alliance
Bescherm onze kinderen
Sauvons nos enfants
Scottish Union for Education
Réseau éducation sexe-identité
Irisch Education Alliance
SOS éducation
Scottish Union for Education


Themis - Resource Fund
Evidence Based Social Work Alliance
Courage is a Habit

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Democrats for an Informed Approach to Gender
The Center For Bioethics And Culture Network
Gays Against Groomers
Lesbians - United
Women's Declaration International
Front Féministe international
Women's Liberation Front

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Detrans Alliance Canada
Beyond Trans
Life (de)transitions
Detrans Foundation
Pique Resilience Project


Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans (PITT)

Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans

They publish stories written and edited exclusively by parents with first-hand experience of the upside-down world of gender ideology.

Gender Clinic News

Gender Clinic News

Bernard Lane, a Sydney-based journalist covering the international debate about gender clinics.

Why has there been a dramatic spike in often troubled children and teenagers declaring a transgender identity and seeking puberty blocker drugs, synthetic hormones and surgery?

A growing number of people all around the world are asking this question. It raises issues fundamental to a healthy society, yet most mainstream media has missed the story or worse, engaged in uncritical promotion of medicalised gender change.

Reality's Last Stand

Reality’s Last Stand

Reality’s Last Stand is a publication by evolutionary biologist Dr. Colin Wright dedicated to providing weekly news, analysis, and opinion on topics related to free speech, science, and reality.



Roisin Michaux is a Brussels-based journalist tracking the activities of gender identity movements and their adversaries all over Europe.

Woriads Europe

Woriads Europe

WORIADS is a non-partisan coalition of concerned citizens, activists, and professionals from across Europe who insist that biological sex is real, important, and immutable and that it should not be conflated with gender.

Our coalition welcomes anyone who recognises the importance of the material reality of sex and wishes to have their voice heard by decision-makers in the European and international decision-making bodies, in the EU institutions, the UN and the Council of Europe.

James Esses

James Esses

Society has been taken over by divisive identity politics, grounded in dangerous ideology. Far from progressively striving for equality, we have entered a regressive era in which the immutable characteristics of a person matter more than anything else.

People are obsessed with self-identity. Groups are pitted against each other. Victim hierarchies reign supreme. We are told that men can become women. We are told that all white people are racist. Our sense of reality is being diluted. Free speech is under attack.

I should know – I was expelled from my Masters’ degree in psychotherapy for daring to speak out.

This Substack aims to offer a cathartic antidote to the chaos we are living through.

gender - hacked by Eliza Mondegreen

Gender:hacked by Eliza Mondegreen

Eliza Mondegreen is a graduate student researching and writing about gender identity from every angle.

Sasha White's Newsletter

Sasha White’s Newsletter

My origin story when it comes to my writing is one of cancellation. I was fired from my job as an assistant literary agent in 2020 for posting on my private twitter account that gender nonconformity is wonderful but denying biological sex is not. Realizing that cancel culture makes it so that only the rich have free speech, I co-founded the Plebity Free Speech Fund, which gives grants to individuals who are severely, materially punished for their speech. On my YouTube channel I have interviewed dozens of people on the topic of gender, free speech, and cancel culture, and co-hosted a podcast about opposing gender identity ideology.

Some Nuance, Please

Some Nuance, Please

Michelle reconciled with her womanhood at the end of 2020 after identifying as transgender for ten years.
She has a clear vision and is an important voice in the fight against trans ideology.

Protegimus invicem (We protect each other)

Hormone Hangover

Hormone Hangover

This blog is from a woman who talks about her personal de/transition experiences. After a double mastectomy and hormones, she realised how terribly wrong this was.

Prude Posting

Prude Posting

Helena is a detransitioned woman in her twenties. She reflects on the gender identity and social justice movements – issues that affect young people in general – as one who was once a staunch supporter of both. She is critical of mental health care and the medical industry. But above all, her contributions to parents on how to deal with their trans-identifying child are enlightening.

TullipR - Detrans Man

TullipR – Detrans Man


TullipR knows how to convey his experience brilliantly. The stories are genuine and can be a guide for many.

Denton Yoga-Carter

Denton Yoga-Carter

What would any parent do? Any parent of either sex? Your child tells you they’re “trans” then runs away, leaving you to “educate yourself”. Then they estrange you, adopt a different family, cut all ties and accuse you of all sorts while you’re still reeling, grieving, in trauma. They re-write their own history, reframe their own happy youth as “harmful”, and create an “identity” of oppression.

This is a fathers perspective on a cult that has taken our much-loved daughter. It starts with an account of how it all happened and how the cult works.

Secondary organizations

Whose main activity is related to the gender issue

REDUXX - Feminist News and Opinion
Standing for Women
The Countess
Parents en colère
Fair Play For Women
Parents As First Educators
TRADFEM - Collective de traduction de textes féministes radicaux
Comité bezorgde ouders en grootouders
Woman's Place UK
innocence en DANGER
Speak Up For Women
Respect Youth & Love
MCC Brussels