From ‘A new heaven and a new earth’
Viveka Weddepohl


This project has grown out of disbelief and indignation. Despite the low evidence base as an effective treatment, gender clinics defend affirmation therapy as the only option. This signifies there is no serious research into underlying causes, and that self-identification is sufficient, despite recent studies indicating that gender dysphoria is often comorbid. This leads to young people being urged to undergo medical transition, and thus being harmed for life.

People are not helped by enabling them in their self-mutilation and medicalising them for life, but need to be protected from themselves. The use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones carries serious risks. Doctors must be held responsible for the damage they cause.

We advocate that gender dysphoric people receive the care to which they are entitled. It is the task of the mental health services to challenge these people’s self-image, and to provide them with help on the path to understanding the cause of their suffering.

We aim to provide accurate and evidence-based information. We provide all fact-related content with a source reference where possible. If something turns out to be incorrect, we are always willing to correct it.

We support a society based on respect and equality. Everyone has the right to express themself. Disagreement does not equal hatred. We believe that non-conformity between men and women is natural. We are open to the interests of gay, lesbian and bisexual youth to explore their sexuality with freedom and acceptance.

We recognize that gender is immutable and binary, female and male, and that for the vast majority – 99.98% – it is determined at conception, and perceived and recorded at birth. We reject the argument that the rare medical differences in sexual development (DSDs/intersex conditions) disprove its binary nature.

We work with like-minded individuals and groups. We strive for a cordial exchange, we share information with each other, and we try to achieve positive results braced by many people.
We are not part of any political or religious group. Anyone who wants to support us, or who has questions, is welcome regardless of philosophy or political persuasion. We distance ourselves, nor will we accept support, from individuals or groups who do not share our values, or stigmatize individuals or groups.

Here you are!
In the holy present.
I cannot heal you – no one else can – but I can celebrate with you, brick by brick, your choice to break down the prison in your mind.
You cannot change what has happened, you cannot change what you have done or what has been done to you. But you can choose how you live now. You can choose to be free.

Edith Eva Eger