France cautions on gender youth medicine

France cautions on gender youth medicine

News from France
The National Academy of Medicine warns that the increasing number of youth with gender incongruity are often socially mediated and that great caution should be exercised in treatment.

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Detrans Awareness Day

Detrans Awareness Day

Coming home to ourselves Detransitioners have experienced a dramatic journey of self-acceptance and an unpopular trip to transition and back. Upon transitioning, we felt an overwhelming degree of affirmation from doctors, mental health...

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Stop corrupting children

Lighthouses of Courage

Lisa Littman

Groundbreaking study by Dr. Lisa Littman.

The Trans Train 4

Another excellent episode!

Thinspo and Gender Goals

A story that convincingly portrays the similarity between anorexia nervosa and gender dysphoria.

Texas Gender Clinic Closure

When the science changes, gender clinics must follow.