Gender dysphoria explained

Only in accepting yourself, embracing yourself, do you become free.

As long as you do not accept yourself, there is an irrational longing, like a cry for recognition. No medical intervention can change this.

Gender dysphoria is not based on medical facts or studies. Despite this, medical affirmation is put forward as the only treatment, without serious research into underlying causes. Self-identification is the only requirement! In the name of care and concern, young people are harmed for life. Out of indignation, we want to unite people, to make our voices heard and force responsibility on doctors, psychologists and politicians.

Gender dysphoric people need to be queried, not affirmed, otherwise what is the point of therapy?
People are not helped by promoting their self-mutilation and medicalisation for life!

A wonderful film that must be seenNo Way Back


“First, do no harm….”

Without diagnostic clarity or mental health evaluations, their doctors quickly affirmed them as “transgender,” and mindlessly ushered them along the path of medical transition: so called “gender-affirming care” —the only treatment recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. These young people were harmed —injected with powerful compounds and surgically altered; irrevocably changed and turned into lifelong pharmaceutical customers by the doctors they trusted.

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Vragen over genderdysforie - Questions about gender dysphoriaWelcome

You who are struggling with yourself, with your many questions, with your uncertainties. Accept your soul-searching, do not shy away from it. Do not be fooled into thinking that your true self lies outside you, that you were born in the wrong body. Do not believe that violence against the body can be a solution.

Detransitie - DetransitionWelcome

You who have gone down the path, you with your battered body. You who had to discover that this was only a mask behind which you were hiding. Do not blame yourself – but those who abused your confusion. Your voice is important, you can bear witness to was done to you.

Ouders van genderdysfore kinderen - Parents of gender dysphoric childrenWelcome

Welcome, parent with your grief. Who knows your child better than you? You who have to watch how doctors, therapists and the current environment confirm your child on this irrational path. You who are alone, and know how wrong this is. Do not stay alone any longer, we do not have to accept this.

Bezorgd over de genderideologie - Concerned about gender ideologyWelcome

Welcome, everyone who no longer wants to stand by and watch, but who wants to walk the road with us. Who wants to join us, be the voice for all the victims of gender ideology which, despite propagating itself as care, damages people for life.

The greatest victory is accepting yourself, just being the human being you already are.