Do as I say, not as I do“Do as I say, not as I do”

A brilliant piece, in which every word matters. It shows deep empathy, without fear of putting the finger on the wound. Michelle is clear, real transsexuals do not exist and gender dysphoria is not a legitimate condition. It is not enough to just protect minors, but everyone must be protected against a so-called ‘care’ that dissociates people from their bodies and denies reality. Any restraint is not appropriate here, because as she writes: sometimes the truth is not “nuanced”. The curse of being a “moderate” is that you end up alienating both sides of the debate.

Original: Some Nuance, Please“Do as I say, not as I do”

How we created a self-hating generation - Lionel ShriverHow we created a self-hating generation

We should stop telling children that they’re the “experts on their own lives” and repudiate a static model of selfhood as a fait accompli at birth. Sure, some inborn essence is particular to every person, but it’s a spark; it’s not a fire. We could stand to return to the language of forming character and making a life for yourself, while urging teachers to exercise the guidance they’ve been encouraged to forsake.

Original: UnherdHow we created a self-hating generation

Gay Not QueerGay Not Queer

Finally, I am not queer because, ultimately, its identity erases my gay male sexuality. Gay identities are based on biological sex; gender identities erase biological sex and replace it with gender. Gender identities erase homosexuality. Conversion therapy tried to erase me years ago; I am not queer because if I said I was, I would erase myself.

Original: QuilletteGay Not Queer

Conversie therapieWhat Conversion Therapy Means To Me

This is the Conversion Therapy that the pro-trans movement wants to ban. Behind the specter of electroshock and forced conversions is this truth—that therapy that addresses the root causes of a person’s feelings of being in the wrong body often causes those feelings to fade away.

Original: PITT – Detransitioner Perspective: What Conversion Therapy Means To Me

Light Persists – How My Mum’s Love Saved My Life and Led Me

The period following the realisation that we made a mortifying mistake is one of the most dangerous periods of our lives. For parents who desperately want to help their child, the period following our decision to detransition is when we need your support the most.

Original: PITT – Light Persists How My Mum’s Love Saved My Life and Led Me Home

Vison of walk into the lightTransition wasn’t appropriate for me – is it for anyone?

For years I believed that rejection from girls and affirmation from boys was proof that my sex dysphoria was a “legit” feeling. I’ve never actually considered if it could be the cause of it. I was extremely distressed because of my puberty, I cried at night and prayed to be turned into a “normal boy”.

We thank Gerda for her permission to publish this enlightening and moving testimony.

No Trans is not the New GayNo, trans is not ‘the new gay’

It’s often assumed that being trans is somehow very similar to being gay. But the truth is a little more complex – and we’d like to show you how.

Orginal from Genspect

Transition your Body, Destroy your MindTransition your body, Destroy your mind

How “gender affirming” surgery affects women’s brains: What no one is telling these females is that negating their sex means negating their health, longevity, mental acuity, and possibly their independence at a young age. The people who are affirming today exploit these women and girls for profit and blatant self-interest. Is it supposed to be a mercy that young onset dementia will leave these women unable to rage at their loss?

Orginal from GenderDissent

It’s Not Gender Dysphoria

You’re not going to solve the problems that caused someone to identify as someone they cannot become by feeding them hormones, and telling them to change their pronouns. Or doing surgery, the only thing you’re going to do is create more harm, more destruction and more abuse.

Orginal from Sex Change Regret.

A childhood is not reversible

A childhood is not reversible

A clinical psychologist, with over 15 years of experience working with adults, children and families, explains the dramatic consequences of social transition in children. This is no fiction, in the first nine months of 2021 90 children between the ages of 4 and 11 registered at the gender clinic of UZ Ghent. It illustrates – something that is far too little realized – that making transgenderism socially acceptable is not innocent.

Orginal from Trendgender TREND.

Genderdyforie - Lesbiennes en autisme | Gender Dyphoria - Lesbians and Autism

We’re Lesbians on the Autism Spectrum – Stop Telling Us to Become Men

An open and enlightening testimony about autism and homosexuality. Everyone should read this story so that the gender dysphoria debate is not just limited to ROGD, but also to those who were gender-nonconforming in childhood.

Thanks to J. Peters and Quillette for their permission to publish this piece.

Transgender - The Hormone Health Crisis - Endocrinologist Dr. William MaloneThe Hormone Health Crisis – Endocrinologist William Malone, MD

Our DNA is gender dependent, XX and XY cells are different and respond differently to hormones, in terms of which genes are switched on and off. It should not be surprising then, that wrong things happen when cross-sex hormones are taken. Puberty inhibitors and cross-sex hormones are used in a state of deep scientific ignorance. By applying unscientific principles, tragedy results. Eventually, the people who were harmed will stand up and testify to what happened to them, and this will force awareness and change worldwide.

Getuigenis detransitie - Testimony detransition

A Letter to My 15-Year-Old Gender-Questioning Self

This testimony was written by Laura Becker, a woman who stopped the transition, looking back at her pre-transition self. We thank Laura for her permission to publish this inspiring work. It was originally published on Genspect.

Ouders van genderdysfore kinderen - Verdriet en woede

What a parent goes through when a child chooses to transition

An emotional but powerful testimony.

Testimony of Alexis Arizo who dedicated this to Partners for Ethical Care under a pseudonym, to protect herself, her daughter and her family.

Medicatie transgender/genderdysforie - cross seks hormonen | cross sex hormones

Testosterone Side Effects in Females

 Endocrinologists voice their objections to testosterone and a list of the known side effects of testosterone.

See also: There are serious medical risks and side effects of puberty blockers and hormone treatment.

WPATH - Standards of Care - Genderdysforia

Dear WPATH Doctors: I don’t forgive you

 Three WPATH doctors have expressed concern about the recommendations of the ‘Standards of Care‘. But what they say is still far too little, and far too late. It was originally published on PITT (Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans)

The day is coming

that we look back in horror

How bodies were medicalised,

mutilated and made infertile for life,

and all this, presented as medical care.