Published on 7 December 2023
by an anonymous contributer
Original: Eleven Lawsuits by Detransitioners in the US

A summary by an anonymous contributer

A reader wanted to publish a roundup of the current lawsuits: 11 public and six private. Though these people were not all minors when they transitioned, they exemplify the larger issues with this approach to medical interventions for gender issues: diagnostic overshadowing, misunderstanding the relationship between sexuality and gender nonconformity, and a marketing campaign telling children (and adults, too!) that changing their body will fix their mental pain—among many other issues.

Currently in the US there are eleven public lawsuits by detransitioners against their doctors, therapists, and medical clinics. The claims include medical malpractice, gross medical negligence, negligent actions, fraud, civil conspiracy, misleading advertising, egregious misrepresentation of material evidence, breach of fiduciary duties, breach of fiduciary duty rising to the level of constructive fraud, experimental medical treatments, violation of civil rights, and more. One lawsuit also alleges that the American Academy of Pediatrics has published, promoted, and profited off of what the lawsuits name as the “fraudulent and misleading” 2018 policy statement, “Ensuring Comprehensive Care and Support for Transgender and Gender-Diverse Children and Adolescents,” and deceptive trade practices.

Seven cases have demanded a trial by jury. A few have asked for punitive damages for over one million dollars. Below is a short summary of each case.

1. Isabelle Ayala, Rhode Island

Announced on: October 26, 2023
Sex: Female
Age when gender medical interventions began (GMI): 14; testosterone after 2 appointments
Co-morbidities at time of GMI: autism, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, body dysmorphia, self-harm (cutting)
Background: Sexual assault at age 7, early-onset puberty at 8, parents’ divorce at 12, moving from Florida to Rhode Island with her father and half-brother only
Lawyers: Campbell Miller Payne LLC
Defendants: American Academy of Pediatrics, for publishing what the lawsuit refers to as the “fraudulent” 2018 policy statement on affirmative care; Dr. Jason Rafferty and Dr. Michelle Forcier
Age as of Nov 2023: 20
Current complaints: chronic pain, vaginal atrophy, possible sterility, Hashimoto’s disease (an autoimmune disease requiring lifelong medication), compromised bone structure

2. Jane Doe 1, Wisconsin

Announced on: 3 november 2023
Sex: Female
Age at GMI: self-diagnosis with gender dysphoria at 17, testosterone without a gender dysphoria diagnosis at 17, hysterectomy + fallopian tubes removal at 19; double mastectomy at 21
Co-morbidities: severe trauma as a child, sexual abuse as a child, anxiety, depression, PTSD
Lawyers: Eckland & Blando, Daniel Craigg
Defendants: University of Wisconsin Hospital: uterus & breasts removed without Gender Dysphoria diagnosis
Age as of Nov 2023: 23

3. Layton Ulery, Rhode Island

Announced on: 21 oktober 2023
Sex: Female
Age at GMI: testosterone for 3 years starting at 20
Co-morbidities: dissociative identity disorder, PTSD. Never gender dysphoria
Background: lesbian, grew up in a cult, experienced conversion therapy and abuse as a lesbian (sexual, physical and psychological torment, bullying)
Lawyers: Campbell Miller Payne
Defendants: Thundermist Health; RI, Drs. Rafferty and Forcier; her therapist
Age in 2023: 31

4. Luka Hein, Nebraska

Announced on: 13 september 2023
Sex: Female
Age of GMI: double mastectomy at 16 after 2 appointments; testosterone for 4 years starting at 16
Co-morbidities: anxiety, depression, panic attacks, ADHD-inattentive
Background: parents’ divorce, domestic chaos, groomed online at age 15 by a much older man
Lawyers: Center for American Liberty
Defendant: University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC)
Age in 2023: 21
Current complaints: chronic pain in joints, pelvis, bones, spine, possible infertility, hot flashes

5. Chloe Cole, Californië

Announced on: 9 november 2022
Sex: Female
Age at GMI: puberty blockers at 13; testosterone at 15; double mastectomy at 15
Co-morbidities: anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, autism, learning disabilities, body dysmorphia, sexual assault
Lawyers: Dhillon Law Group, Center for American Liberty
Defendants: Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Inc
Age as of 2023: 18
Current complaints: chronic pain

6. Layla Jane, Californië

Announced on: 15 maart 2023
Sex: Female
Age at GMI: puberty blockers and testosterone at 12; double mastectomy at 13
Co-morbidities: depression, anxiety, panic, mood fluctuations, possibly undiagnosed bipolar disorder
Lawyers: Center for American Liberty
Defendants: Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Inc., The Permanente Medical Group & Doctors
Age as of Nov 2023: 18
Current complaints: physical, social, neurological and psychological damages, fertility risks, stunted puberty

7. Prisha Mosley, North Carolina

Announced on: 17 juli 2023
Sex: Female
Age at GMI: testosterone at 17, double mastectomy at 18
Co-morbidities: depression at 15, anorexia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, self-harm (cutting), borderline personality disorder, insomnia
Background: rape at age 14 resulting in miscarriage. Social transition at 15. Illness of family members
Lawyers: Campbell Miller Payne and Anthony Biller – Envisage Law
Defendants: Eric T. Emerson, M.D.; Piedmont Plastic Surgery and Dermatology, PA; Brie Klein-Fowler; Family Solutions, PLLC; Shana Gordon; Tree of Life Counseling, PLLC; Martha Fairbanks Perry, M.D.; and Moses Cone Medical Services, Inc.
Age as of 2023: 25
Current complaints: severe vaginal atrophy, severe pain & disfigurement of shoulders and neck due to testosterone, possible infertility, chronic pain, phantom breast syndrome

8. Soren Aldaco, Texas

Announced on: 21 juli 2023
Sex: Female
Age at GMI: Puberty blockers and testosterone at 17 given without formal parental consent; pressured into a botched double mastectomy at 19
Co-morbidities: OCD, autism, depression, anxiety, ADHD, psychiatric episode at 15. A psychiatrist coerced her to come out as transgender
Background: During a 3-day in-patient treatment by a psychiatrist, although Soren, 15, expressed a wish not to discuss her gender identity, her psychiatrist relentlessly pressed her on the topic by prompting her with trans-related questions and affirmations. Living with her mother and step-father. Met her bio dad for the first time at age 15
Lawyers: Campbell Miller Payne
Defendants: nurse practitioner Del Scott Perry, psychiatrist Sreenath Nekkalapu, counselor Barbara Rose Wood and the surgeons at Crane Clinic Dr. Richard Santucci and Dr. Ashley Deleon. Crane Clinic, LLC, Texas Health Physicians Group, Three Oaks Counseling Group, LLC, and Mesa Springs, LLC
Age as of 2023: 21

9. Shape Shifte, Massachusettes

Announced on: Oktober 2023
Sex: Male
Age at GMI: estrogen at 23, breast implants and facial feminization surgery at 24, vaginoplasty and orchiectomy at 25
Co-morbidities: PTSD, self-hatred, BPD, internalized homophobia, childhood sexual trauma
Background: same-sex attraction since adolescence, parental disapproval, extreme homophobia in the family, bullying, being groomed at 11 by older men
Lawyers: Mitra N Forouhar
Defendants: Fenway Health, Boston MA; suing for violations of civil rights as a gay man
Age as of 2023: 33
Current complaints: osteoporosis, brain fog, mental distress

10. Camille Kiefel, Oregon

Announced on: 8 november 2022
Sex: Female
Age at GMI: 30; two short zoom appointments before being approved for double mastectomy in 2020
Co-morbidities: anxiety, social anxiety, complex PTSD, depression, ADHD, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)
Background: 18 years of mental health struggles after trauma
Lawyers: Lauren Adams Bone at Jackson Bone LLP
Defendants: Social worker Amy Ruff, therapist Mara Burmeister, Brave Space Oregon and Quest Center for Integrative Health
Age as of 2023: 33
Current complaints: excruciating emotional distress, anxiety

11. Richard Ikechukwu Anumene, Californië

Announced on: 10 mei 2022
Sex: Male
Age at GMI: 26, vaginoplasty and bilateral orchiectomy
Co-morbidities: schizophrenia, PTSD, bipolar disorder, severe depression, anxiety
Background: confused about his sexual orientation, drug abuse, sexual and physical abuse as a child by a family member, abusive father, parental substance abuse.
Lawyers: Watkins & Letofsky
Defendants: Kaiser Permanente Hospitals, Permanente Medical Group
Age as of 2023: 29
Current complaints: schizophrenia, PTSD, bipolar disorder, severe depression, anxiety

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