Some 50 psychiatrists, doctors and intellectuals denounce an “ideological grab on children’s bodies” done in the name of emancipating “the transgender child”.

Associated with “L’Observatoire des discours idéologiques sur l’enfant et l’adolescent“, a collective of youth care professionals and researchers (doctors, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, lawyers, magistrates, teachers, philosophers, sociologists, etc.), some fifty professionals protest against the idea of “self-determination” of the child, which they claim legitimises a strong increase in requests for sex change, especially among teenagers.

We can no longer remain silent about a serious societal shift underway, perpetrated in the name of the emancipation of the “transgender child” (someone who declares that he or she was not born into the “right body”). On the argument that “feelings” equal truth, radical rhetoric has legitimised requests for gender reassignment. But it comes at the cost of a lifetime of medical and even surgical treatment (removal of breasts or testicles) on the bodies of children or teenagers. It is this phenomenon and its strong media impact that concerns us, not the choices of transgender adults.

Perhaps thinking it was an answer to this phenomenon, the Scottish Government has issued new guidelines for the inclusion of LGBT people , in force since 12 August , which state that children from the age of primary school can change their name and gender at school without parental consent. Without their consent and even without their knowledge if the child asks for it.

Children are told that a girl can become a boy and vice versa, because they have decided to do so, without adult advice and at an increasingly younger age.

What is happening in neighbouring countries could very quickly happen in France too: the spread of these beliefs has led to a significant increase in requests for sex reassignment among children and, more specifically, among adolescent girls. According to Jean Chambry , a child psychiatrist in charge of the CIAPA (Intersectoral Centre for Adolescents in Paris), almost ten years ago there were about ten requests per year; by 2020 there were ten per month (and only for the Ile-de-France region). He speaks of a worrying acceleration in medical responses to these transition requests.

Some claim that we can dismiss biological reality, the sexual differences between men and women, in favour of chosen characteristics based solely on ‘feelings’. These unfounded ideology-based claims are relayed through social networks where many teenagers, exploring their own identity, come to find solutions to their discomfort. In the name of “self-determination” – a slogan that appeals to all progressives – I am free to choose the body I want – children and teenagers are convinced that they can change their gender using hormonal treatments or even mutilating surgery. This rhetoric, spread by activists in many Western countries, uses sophistry designed to mislead.

Stolen Youth
How did we get here? And do we the undersigned, (still) have the right to respond without being insulted or threatened? In what way would these rights of self-determination be a progression that is conducive to human development? This phenomenon, the ‘transgender child’, is in reality a contemporary hoax that must be vigorously denounced because it is a result of ideological indoctrination. Some would have us believe that in the name of the welfare and freedom of each person, a child, freed from the control of his or her ‘reactionary’ parents, would be able to ‘choose’ his or her so-called gender identity.

But children are developing individuals, constantly changing before they reach adulthood. Neuroscientists, developmental psychologists, psychoanalysts, child psychiatrists, paediatricians and all specialists in early childhood are unanimous on this subject.

Children, and even more so teenagers, are now under the influence of a set of beliefs that lead to mental destabilisation, a break with the family if the child is not catered to, and with all those who refuse to share this view. This ideological hold generates an anti-social and accusatory rhetoric, a specific language or even a newspeak that is imposed on everyone around them. The language of these young people is often scripted as if they have lost all critical thinking skills (which is typical of capture).

We condemn this abduction of childhood. It is now urgent to inform the largest number of citizens, of all professions, of all allegiances, of all ages, about what could be seen in the future as one of the greatest health and ethical scandals without saying a word: the commodification of children’s bodies. For by convincing these children that they have been assigned a gender at birth and that they are free to change it, we are making them lifelong patients: lifelong consumers of hormonal chemicals marketed by pharmaceutical companies, recurrent consumers of ever more surgeries in the pursuit of the chimera of a fantasy body. Currently, countries that were previously in favour of medical transition before the age of majority are now banning hormone treatments for minors (Sweden, the UK and some US states).

This dogmatism creates great confusion, so that no one knows how to act and speak, often out of fear of certain LGBTQI+ associations. But this acronym relates to a great variety of people, some of whom are concerned about the current trend, just as we are. Some of them are subject to the law of silence that prevails in this environment. The Swedish documentary Trans train shows that young adults are left to their own devices and are threatened if they publicly declare that they have been pressured by their trans community when they have expressed doubts or ‘detransitioned’.

There is widescale confusion, largely maintained for the purpose of manipulating people in the most profound way in their evolution, their temporality, their self-exploration and their doubts. By rejecting the supposed assignment of sex, we are watching, confused, at the new world of identity assignment. For example, Claude from The Famous Five, who used to be considered a tomboy, now presents as transgender. You could laugh about it if it were not symptomatic of our age, which is influenced by radical politics that preempts any debate.

No, in the name of protecting children, we can no longer remain silent! We refuse to do so, under the guise of ‘human rights’, challenging what we have in common – universal rights – which is the foundation of humanity.

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